mikeyblackkk shares powerful EP “Manhattan”

Massachusetts rapper mikeyblackkk has shared a powerful new EP Manhattan, featuring crisp production and clever rhymes.

Manhattan kicks off with the fresh, high-octane banger “20/20” featuring Phoenix Rios. This track is both smooth and upbeat, featuring reversed keys and clean percussion. Underneath, rumbling 808s glue the track together, providing a strong rhythm.

He follows this track up with the ethereal highlight “Terror”, which features an intriguing, wavy instrumental. This track is a catchy and simultaneously quirky offering, featuring some clever lyrics from mikeyblackkk.

Another highlight on this EP is the atmospheric “Smile”, which features a glossy, layered instrumental that draws the listener in immediately. Rich 808s underscore this beat as dreamy synths float overtop. Moreover, mikeyblackkk comes through with some strong verses full of imagery.

The project closes out with the brooding, powerful “Alien Nation”, which features intense guitars and mysterious synths. Organic sounding drums lock in the rhythm beneath, and the overall production sounds richly textured.

Overall, Manhattan is a strong release full of sharp verses and interesting production. All in all, mikeyblackkk presents a unique style that is memorable and thought provoking. Hopefully more is soon to come from this talented artist.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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