Jthurston emerges with his new single “Seven Days”

Emerging from San Francisco, Jthurston releases his latest single ‘Seven Days.’ This bouncy, bass-driven track reflects the roots of Bay Area music – incorporating catchy hooks, melodic wordplay, and upbeat nature that’s perfect for blasting through the streets of the 82nd block, East Oakland.

Jthurston flawlessly displays his lyrical potential in this newest release as he transitions through the hooks and verses. This two-minute and twenty-five-second track draw forth a hustler’s no-days-off mentality – perfectly indicating the artist’s desire and hunger for success. The composition and production of the song blend different factors of traditional bay area music – highlighting the prominent grand piano, rhythmic low-end 808s, and a distinct signature clap – that’s fitting for the city’s classic hip-hop sound. With a good balance between lyricism, production, and mastering – the overall outcome of the song is a clear reflection of the prolific artists’ integrity and work ethic.

‘Seven Days’ is an anthem – undoubtedly a fitting take on the flourishing Bay Area sound. Listen to the track here!

Listen to the track here!