Daydream Review announce upcoming album, release new single “Have You Found What You’re Looking For?”

“Have You Found What You’re Looking For?,” The lead single from Chicago indie rock outfit Daydream Review’s upcoming album Leisure, opens up with a sheet of icy, kaleidoscopic synths before cascading into an irresistible dreamscape of spacey guitars and heavily layered vocals.

Between legato guitar lines and some dense drum work, lead singer Elijah Montez ponders the existential, formatting the lyrics as a series of questions to self.

“Does it seem clear, what you want?/Or what you need?” Montez belts out, his vocals stretching over the instrumentation like warm mozzarella.

In a press release, Montez said the uncertain lyrical tones of “Have You What You’re Looking For?” mirror some of the broader concepts of the album.

“The overarching theme of the song fits quite well in the context of the album,” Montez said. “Being dissatisfied with work, dissatisfied with the state of the world, and dissatisfied with capitalism at large, and searching for something that can fill in the void that all that dissatisfaction leaves.”

The instrumentation pulls back a bit toward the song’s second half, leaving room for Montez’s reflective words to take center stage, where he asks himself perhaps the most important question of all: “I guess you gotta ask yourself .. have you found what you’re looking for?”

Leisure drops April 7.

Stream “Have You Found What You’re Looking For?” Here.