YB shares hard-hitting song “PRAYING HANDS”

Arkansas artist YB has delivered a fresh single called “Praying Hands”. With a style that can be best described as optimistic in tone and content, but hard-hitting and trap-based sonically, YB is an artist that has been keeping fans eyes glued to him with a flurry of poignant, powerful releases, and his latest, “PRAYING HANDS”, is no exception. The booming, expansive single employs a heavy, trunk-knocking rhythm section and ethereal, ominous keys to create a cathartic yet uplifting soundscape. YB himself shines with a fast-paced, razor sharp flow and focused mic presence that captivates from the get-go. The song demonstrates his skill as an emcee and mic control that set him apart alongside quick-witted lyricism and sleek production.

Take a listen to “PRAYING HANDS” here and connect with YB on social media for more.

Connect with YB: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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