Nkosi Bourne shares refreshing video for “Drowning”

Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a refreshing new video for his song “Drowning”. A standout track from his well-received EP Glimpse from late last year, “Drowning” contains an emotive, reflective feel conveyed through poetic, vivid lyricism and laid-back production. The new accompanying visual takes on a “day in the life” theme for a retable offering that also captures the sound and thematics of the song well, making for a cohesive addition shot by Cultivison, a production company run by Cult Classic. Containing a thoughtful, hazy atmosphere that is distilled well in the video, “Drowning”‘s new music video captures Bourne’s inner world in a way that intrigues and engages.

As track two on Nkosi Bourne’s mixtape Glimpse, “Drowning” immediately stands out with its precise patterns of rhymes and percussion. It showcases themes of resiliency, constant challenges,  lack of complacency, and more. It’s a solid offering from Bourne that capitalizes on the success of his Glimpse mixtape, and continues his run of earnest, focused releases into the new year. Watch the music video for “Drowning” below and familiarize yourself further with Brooklyn musician Nkosi Bourne.

Connect with Nkosi Bourne and watch for updates from him: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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