Swtxo goes for blood with new self-titled single “SweetXO”

By Damilola Grey

Florida native and talented RnB artist, Swtxo (fka SweetXO) has finally dropped his first solo release since the drop of his “Love Lost” EP last year.

The self-titled single is Swtxo’s reminder to himself that he is him above everything else. He addresses how he hasn’t changed upon all the pushback and negativity he’s faced in life. He uses the 2-minute track to share who he is to listeners. Swtxo attacks the instrumental, which was produced by ayeyoungjordan, with a braggadocious flow and aggressive delivery. In his words “they thought I was playing, so I gave em something to play”. The track embodies who Swtxo is in different ways: the word choice, the flow, and even the tone. Swtxo uses this single as a reminder to himself to keep going on and to never give up.

This self-titled single from Swtxo is the perfect return since the release of his 2022 EP “Love Lost”. Swtxo shows that he’s still as hungry as ever with this single.

Stream “SweetXO” everywhere HERE.

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