Voltaire delivers infectious new EP ‘VWAY’

By Todd Anderson

 Broward County, Florida artist Voltaire has delivered a fresh new EP called VWAY. The project marks his first self-produced release, and it focuses on the emotional dissonance the musician often feels within relationships he gets involved in. Complementing this potent theme is an emotive and layered soundscape that feels infectious and sharply-crafted at many points.

The moody, expansive opener “Delivered” gives a prime example of the project’s sound, with cerebral, creeping keys and a heavy, rumbling rhythm section. More melodious cuts like “Love Me?” display Voltaire’s versatility, with a mysterious, immersive sound taking on a softer and airier feel. Then there’s project highlight “Marilyn Monroe”, which takes the infectiousness up a notch with its memorable sound and sharp songwriting.

A potent project from Florida’s Voltaire overall, VWAY contains a ruminant and mercurial sound and style that draws the listener deeply into the EP’s atmosphere from the get-go.

Listen to VWAY here:

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