Alexcusemy shares hard-hitting single “GAME OF LIFE”

Houston artist Alexcusemy returns to our pages with a fresh new single called “GAME OF LIFE”. Continuing his highly prolific output, “GAME OF LIFE” finds him taking on a somewhat different sound with a raw, rebellious joint that can be described as “organized chaos” in the best way possible.

Alexcusemy flips a “Man’s World” soul sample into a darkly poignant beat as the sample coalesces into a psychedelic combination of vocal chops, dusky keys, and expansive strings. Atop the imposing production, he delivers a series of enticing verses before exploding into a powerful hook that captivates the listener’s attention. A raucous new song from the Houston musician that contains a potent frustration that bursts through the speakers, “GAME OF LIFE” marks another solid release from him in which he explores new territory.

Listen to “GAME OF LIFE” below:

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