Heily Beatz and Morgan Gold shine on “5309”

Genre-bending Chicago producer and DJ Heily Beatz links with renowned fellow Illinois artist Morgan Gold for a sleek banger called “5309”, which immediately caught our attention for its infectious dance infused, alternative R&B sound. Known as his re-brand “Heily (Hi-lee) Beatz”, the 25 year old Chicago born hip-hop/EDM cross-genre DJ & Producer has been steadily making a name for himself in the underground music scene. From being the Lead Engineer and Producer at 4835 Studios, to collaborating on performances with the ethereal R&B artist Gold on “5309”, his versatility and control over a sonic space is unique and engaging from the intimate setting of phone speakers to relentless DJ sets for crowds of 200k+.

His recent offering “5309” contains airy, atmospheric production centred around glowing keys and reverb-soaked backing vocals drifting atop addictive synth bass and crisp percussion. The instrumentation suits Gold’s signature style to the tee- providing a smooth accompaniment to her sharply-crafted, dream-like melodies. The pairing of Heily’s production and Gold’s vocals showcases their natural chemistry, while providing a hypnotizing sound that sets “5309” apart from many tracks in today’s R&B scene.

On “5309”, the Chicago duo link effortlessly for a catchy, refreshing offering that is sure to be a fan favorite. Give it a listen below and get familiar with rising Chicago producer Heily Beatz.

Listen to “5309” here:

Connect with Heily Beatz: Spotify | Instagram

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