Villiami drops debut project “Summer Time 2009”

By Damilola Grey

California native, Villiami has finally graced his fans with his debut project titled “Summer Time 2009” and his hunger is evident on this project.

The 9-track tape sees Villiami take a more personal route by sharing personal experiences on this album. Most of Villiami’s music is based off his surroundings and upbringing, and this is another amazing example of such. Villiami is able to perfectly execute his emotions and creative approach on 9 tracks which are graced by features by Young OC, Tyler Conan, Dinero Soprano as well as others. Villiami showcases his versatility on various tracks such as on personal favorite “Domino”, where Villiami comes with a braggadocious and catchy flow on an up-tempo beat or on “29” where Villiami approaches the single with a more sober flow. Villiami shows that he’s not to be played with. Villiami said that he made this project to help new listeners understand him as a person and to help his current listeners know more about him also.

Villiami’s ability to channel his personal experiences to 9 tracks of perfection is something that few have mastered and many are trying to master and if his debut is this amazing, one can only wonder: what exactly is his limit?

Stream Summer Time 2009 HERE.

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