Divert share atmospheric single, “cabin fever”

Rising New England music collective Divert have shared a fresh new single called “cabin fever”, featuring Dagen. Following up their recent well-received releases “truth be told” and “feeling you out”, “cabin fever”‘s atmospheric production and addictive vocals give it much replay value, while the song simultaneously refuses to boxed into one genre or style- presenting a versatile offering in the process.

“cabin fever” contains atmospheric, layered synths and rich, catchy bass, before punchy percussion drops in to lock in the track’s infectious rhythm. Atop the airy instrumentation, the song’s silky, versatile vocals blend together flexible melodies with ease, giving the song an energizing, vibrant feel.

The latest from Divert, “cabin fever” continues their run of engaging, genre-blending singles and it has us excited for what may be coming next from them.

Listen to “cabin fever” here:

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