Occ Taee shares powerful single, “Whats His Name”

Indianapolis artist Occ Taee has dropped off a fresh new single called “Whats His Name”. Here, Taee showcases a new maturity in his voice as he gloats on Grammy-nominated producer Tom Levesque and Spencer Reist’s victorious instrumentation. Moreover, audio engineer Tyler Weaver adds confidence to the new single, echoing the rapper’s celebratory bars. Containing triumphant, raw horns ringing out atop imposing synths and a heavy, engaging rhythm section, “Whats His Name” further proves that Taee is a true force to be reckoned with. Atop pillowy, driving 808s, the rapper delivers a head-spinning flow utilizing a razor-sharp, focused delivery. He weaves together infectious rhyme patterns with ease, as the song picks up a staggering pace as it blazes forth with a captivating intensity.

Listen to “Whats His Name” here:

Connect with Occ Taee: Instagram | YouTube | Apple Music | Spotify | TikTok

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