TRELL drops debut EP “Leave Me Alone”

By Damilola Grey

Indiana native, TRELL has dropped his first project titled “Leave Me Alone- EP”. The 8-track project combines both melodic and lyrical tracks from TRELL, as well as some pop on a few tracks.

“Leave Me Alone” sees TRELL talk about personal growth and watching out for oneself. Tracks like “Time Flies” and “Time Tells Freestyle” see TRELL taking a more introspective delivery. He acknowledges how time is going by quickly and how he can’t stop till he has reached his goals. TRELL takes a more melodic and sober approach on tracks like “Feel So Right” and a personal favorite “Fault(S)” where TRELL seems to address a heartbreak. TRELL also dedicates this EP to “the negative people who gravitate towards me due to my success and positive energy”. He uses this project to express how he wants nothing to do with them and that, as the title suggests, they should leave him alone. The project’s production is a perfect combination of calm and turnt. Listeners would bop their head but at the same time relate to TRELL’s vulnerability on this project.

TRELL couldn’t have done better with a debut as amazing as this one and we can’t wait to see what more he has on the way. Check out “Leave Me Alone- EP” on all platforms.

Listen to “Leave Me Alone- EP” HERE.

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