Chicago’s 3M DJayy shares lush new album ‘GOING DARK’

Chicago artist 3M DJayy has shared a new album called GOING DARK, in collaboration with Brav06. A poignant, lush album that draws influence from Chicago hip-hop, cloud rap, and the rising Detroit hip-hop sound, GOING DARK is a versatile project that finds 3M DJayy flowing smoothly atop emotive, dense soundscapes produced by Brav06. Charismatic and laid-back, his vocal performance draws the listener in to the project’s immersive atmosphere. Inventive in its choice of samples, the project incorporates abstract, evocative production choices that keep the listener on their toes throughout. GOING DARK opens with a song that expresses sheer beauty in the appropriately titled “light show”, which weaves together elegant strings and graceful keys for an airy, rich sound, as 3M DJayy delivers a potent vocal performance full of vivid vocals. “tall hoes” provides another project highlight with its fast-paced, retro-tinged production and booming 808s, making for an infectious listen.

The latest from Chicago artist 3M DJayy and Brav06, GOING DARK is an eclectic, expansive new offering from the pair of artists that provides a colorful and character-rich listen throughout.

Listen to GOING DARK now:

Connect with 3M DJayy: Spotify | Instagram

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