Pat Junior Shares Rejuvenating Project, ‘The Self Love Sides’

By Trey Fox

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, Pat Junior is a consummate creative. He’s a man of many titles, but he’s widely known as an artist, producer, sound engineer, and an entrepreneur. Keeping busy this year, Junior released a “Reprise” to his 2021 standout project called “Gold Fangs On Sunday.” He also dropped a smooth, poetic verse as the sole feature on Xavier Omär’s “b l u r r” EP. In addition to this, Junior is thriving in the Web3 universe, an environment where this project lived prior to being released to streaming. In fact, “Love Overflow” sold out quickly in the marketplace back in July. With these new records, Junior embarks on the next chapter in his journey.

“Check On Me” sees Junior connect with close friend and frequent collaborator Ro Marsalis. The song is lively, with sharp guitar riffs that really cut through the mix. As someone who always “taps in” with his loved ones, Junior is left feeling exhausted and tapped out. “It’s hard to give when I got nothing to trade with,” he reflects. Being known as the strong friend, Junior’s looking for reciprocity in the midst of life’s challenging moments. Marsalis shares a similar sentiment: “In this game of life, for you to win, you need a team, too.” This is an honest and gentle reminder to reach out to your friends who appear to have it all together.

“Love Overflow” is a soothing record with beautiful string arrangements– courtesy of Jasminfire– and gentle guitar melodies. With vivid writing, Junior narrates the occasion. He’s overcome with joy as his loved ones gather around to celebrate his birthday. “Never, ever felt this way,” he sings joyously. As he recalls this moment, he also thinks back to messages from his supporters who count his journey as inspirational. From the sound of it, this gathering birthed memories of a lifetime for him.

Listen on all platforms HERE.

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