Notty Taylor kicks off “Nottober” with new single “DRIVEWAY”

By Damilola Grey

Notty Taylor has been on an impressive streak this year: from dropping an array of amazing singles like “4vr or Nvr”, “Owe Me”, “Idk1” to the release of his 3rd project “Nottyhrs”. While gearing up for Nottober, he has decided to bless fans with the release of his latest single “DRIVEWAY”.

“DRIVEWAY”, which was produced by Tennessee-based beatmaker DevanThatDude, is all about decision making and living in the moment while looking forward to the future. Notty is able to portray his emotions in just one verse. This is a bit different from what fans of Notty Taylor are probaby accustomed to. Instead of his signature mellow sound- reminiscent of early J Cole- Notty starts off the single with something a bit different: a somewhat distorted chorus before beginning his verse. He then starts off his verse with neither a mellow nor aggressive delivery, but a perfect combination of the both.

Notty Taylor is on the DRIVEWAY to being a worldwide name and his latest single reinforces that statement

Stream DRIVEWAY below:

Listen on all platforms HERE.

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