Tony Santana brings his a-game on new single, “FAULT”

California artist Tony Santana has shared a fresh new single called “FAULT”. Following up the success of his recent run of releases, “FAULT” provides a powerful, genre-blending sound that contains a cathartic, raw energy that makes it captivating. As a songwriter, Santana shines here and shows that he can’t be confined to simply one style, as the release injects influences from hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and more. 

“FAULT” contains poignant, hard-hitting production centred around rich samples, heavy percussion, and booming, immersive 808s. Santana weaves together melodically-tinged verses atop the grand instrumentation, giving the song much replay value as he grips the listener with a confident delivery. 

Overall, “FAULT” is a versatile, engaging offering that showcases Santana’s skills as a songwriter atop memorable, bracing production. Be sure to follow Tony Santana on social media as well, and watch for updates from the rising California artist.

Listen to “FAULT” now:

Connect with Tony Santana: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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