Emma Alves releases her captivating new single “Cyber Pixie”

Vancouver-based musicians Emma Alves Solanin make their debut at Roundhouse Music with the latest single, “Cyber Pixie.” Delving into the Dubstep scene – the artist/producer duo develops an enthralling yet innovative sound by merging Emma’s captivating vocals over Solanin’s prominent production. 

As an immaculate display of artistry and passion for the craft, Cyber Pixie is a genre-bending project demonstrating both artists’ level of musicianship & adaptability. The production by Solanin exhibits intricate levels of dynamics and instrumentation – incorporating a hypnotic bassline, intricate arpeggios (played by guitarist Jonny Hypa) & complex textures atop Emma’s mesmerizing vocals. In light of the dedicated sound selection – the complexity of the production serves as the perfect backdrop to display Emma’s lyrical potential. The flawless execution of tension and release principles play a significant role in the song’s overall structure and exemplify the years of experience Emma has in composition and songwriting. As a result, the two have constructed a cohesive & distinctive sound – paving a path to an enticing wave of new music for listeners to anticipate.

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