Charlie Wayy delivers on new full-length project, ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Bronx artist Charlie Wayy has shared a new full-length album titled Sweet Sixteen. Raised in the Webster Houses, Wayy has developed a heartfelt, uncompromisingly authentic style built upon a foundation of sharply-crafted, vivid lyricism and raw production. His latest project Sweet Sixteen continues to demonstrate his venomous pen game, as he weaves hard-hitting bars atop luxurious yet grimy instrumentation.

Wayy wastes no time in delivering the goods, kicking off the project in a strong fashion with “Vancourtland.” With true-to-life lyricism and nocturnal production, “Vancourtland” paints an unfiltered picture across its 1-minute run time. “Tailor Tape” contains some clever bars that will have listeners rewinding throughout to catch everything, underscored by an elegant instrumental. “Sunday Service”, featuring j nics, brings in a slightly different sound with cloudier, uplifting production centred around atmospheric keys and glowing vocal samples, showcasing Wayy’s versatility. “Penn Station”, featuring a beat from accomplished producer Neako, provides a project highlight with graceful keys playing out beneath Wayy’s poetic, deft verses. “Soulè Food”, with MARQUIS, utilizes winding vocal samples and refined keys to create a colorful sound palette.

A versatile, focused set of 16 tracks that remain thoughtful and honest throughout, Sweet Sixteen, executively produced by Ricky Mapes, presents another strong offering from the prolific Charlie Wayy.

Listen to Sweet Sixteen now:

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