YB returns with deluxe version of engaging album ‘Wings Of An Angel’

A short and punctual reflection on YB’s relationship with God up till now, Wings Of An Angel [Deluxe Version] is a beautiful 13 track record which highlights the life of YB and the success he’s been granted by his strength in faith.

Combining hyper focused storytelling with raw and catchy raps, YB deep dives into his drive to build a career while maintaining a deep and significant relationship with god. He expresses his graciousness across the whole album, yet never strays far from more relatable themes such as anxiety, family, and confidence. Rounding all of these ideas back to his faith, YB creates a complicated and heartfelt experience for the listener.

Hard, bouncy trap anthems like butterfly vibes 2 and hand of God freestyle are laced with cocky lines interchanged with phrases such as “whole wide world in his hands, lean on him like kickstands” and “just know I’m gonna die happy if I die out with the king proud.” The interesting juxtapositions in Wings of An Angel mold the atmosphere of the tape, surrounding the listener with YB’s ideals about how he wants to live life as a go getter who relies on religion as an outlet for motivation. Though, at its best moments the tape is entirely focused on YB’s past, and his ability to jump into prior perspectives.

On “Age 8 Freestyle” YB flashes back to childhood memories, contemplating on his early love for god and the dream he’s had since 8 years old. Exploring different insecurities like what other people think of him, his lack of a romantic relationship till after college, and complicated friendships, YB comes to terms with these weaknesses and regrets by finding strength in recovering from the past, moving forward, and making different choices that make him stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Unforgettably, the production on this tape is refined and lends an attitude to each track. Heavy 808’s and drippy electronic synths can found throughout the entire tape, creating an ethereal setting for each of YB’s flows. While eclectic, the production is just as consistent. It never takes over the track, but never stands in the back letting itself be overwhelmed by YB’s voice. From front to back, Wings Of An Angel is a beautiful experience intertwined with catchy pop laced choruses which never overstay their due.

Listen to ‘Wings Of An Angel [Deluxe Version]’ now:

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