Toronto-based artist Sofia Camara shines on new single “Never Be Yours”

Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sofia Camara has released a new song called “Never Be Yours”, her first single since signing to 21 Entertainment/ Universal Music Canada. Produced by accomplished Montreal duo Banx & Ranx, the song is mesmerizing, with glowing, wistful sonics that make for a perfect soundtrack for the waning days of summer.

“Never Be Yours” blends influences from an array of genres- displaying Camara’s signature knack for versatile, engaging songwriting. Shimmering alt-rock pairs with hints of electrifying pop stylings, and even and undertone of dance music to make for a track that is both emotive and highly replayable. Furthermore, the song is dynamic, building through sweeping layers of guitars, rich bass, and vital, memorable percussion, drawing the listener into “Never Be Yours”‘s warm soundscape. Camara matches the poignancy and energy of the instrumental with expansive vocals laced with sharply-crafted focused melodies, as she tops off her captivating performance with an explosive, earworm chorus.

Topically, “Never Be Yours” discusses heartbreak, as well as the act of moving on and rebuilding, making for a relatable listen for many.

“I had this perfect image of someone who I actually didn’t know as well as I thought I did,” says Sofia about the new single. “When writing ‘Never Be Yours’. I remember saying I wanted to send one last text or leave one voicemail, but instead I wrote this song. Because I was able to be super transparent and open during the writing process, I feel extremely connected to it.”

The latest from Toronto-based artist Sofia Camara, “Never Be Yours” makes for a potent, heartfelt release that displays focused, memorable songwriting, and it has us excited for what may be coming next from her.

Listen to “Never Be Yours” now:

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