Meet Upcoming New Zealand Rapper Nauti

Nauti is an upcoming rapper out of New Zealand who is taking strides to become one of the greats. His music is refreshing compared to everything else coming out at the moment, and gave me that nostalgic feeling of when I first got into rap music. Real bars, with real meaning. He just released a brand new EP titled “Road to a Brick” which was produced by Josh Blair, Roland Jones, Spyde who all contributed to various tracks on the project. From top to bottom this EP requires no skips, with each track flowing to the next with ease.

If you’re sick and tired of the clout rap and the rage wave that’s going on right now, “Road to a Brick” is the project to make you a fan of rap again hahaha. Cheers!

Stream “Road to a Brick” Here:

Follow Nauti:

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