Justend & Joe Aste share natural chemistry on “poison”

By Jacob Ezra

New York’s Justend has linked with frequent collaborator and fellow NY native Joe Aste for a new single called “poison.” Continuing the duo’s prolific streak of evocative, genre-bending offerings, “poison” provides a colorful yet somber soundscape, soaked in reverb to a nostalgic effect. The track’s poignant combination of R&B and indie stylings with subtle punk undertones make for a revitalizing listen, as “poison” refuses to be placed in a singular box or limited to a specific categorization.

Wistful guitars open the track, presenting an example of the reminiscent sound Aste has been capturing on his recent productions. Cathartic bass and crisp, off-kilter percussion then create a thought-provoking groove as the track builds dynamically, giving ample space for Justend to lay down his versatile, emotionally raw vocals. Beginning with a softer, melodic performance before diving into engaging, sharply-crafted rap verses, Justend once again shows that he can tackle many different vocal styles here. “poison” provides interesting sonic contrasts that keep the single refreshing throughout, as it is melancholic yet pulsing with an undercurrent of energy,

The latest from New York’s Justend and Joe Aste, “poison” continues their streak of potent, surreal recent singles and has us excited for what may be coming next from them. 

Listen to “poison” now:

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