Alan Ward drops thrilling EP, ‘Vintagious’

By Trey Fox

The Milwaukee, WI native has had an active and successful year that includes an international tour and numerous singles. Ward continues that forward momentum with his latest EP, “Vintagious.” The Tedy Andreas-produced record is just under 13 minutes in length, but Ward makes great use of his time with intricate rhymes packed into every line.

The charismatic rapper expresses frustration and fatigue on the opening track, “Tired.” The production is warm and inviting with a chorus of bird chirps and looping horns. Ward has observed the landscape, finding himself fed up with issues such as animosity and the facades that people hide behind. The next song, “What A Day,” is a tonal shift. It’s an upbeat track that sees Ward weaving between a variety of flows. “Stack chips, no Lays,” he raps smoothly.

“Hands Please,” the lead single, fits perfectly in the context of the project. He conveys a lack of trust he has in those around him. “Stop gettin’ closer/Gon’ up and leave when the thrill is over,” Ward says boldly. He admits that his heart has gotten colder over time. Ward shines over the lush production of the last track, “Asshole.” He raps assertively, reflecting on how far he’s made it on his own in his career. Overall, the record feels like a glimpse into the mind of the rising artist.

Stream “Vintagious” now:

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