KADOLEAF shares new genre-bending project, ‘Popmonstre (Night Deluxe)’

DMV artist KADOLEAF has shared a new full-length project titled Popmonstre (Night Deluxe), which finds him blurring the lines between genres in an intriguing fashion, making it difficult to place him in a box. Featuring appearances from Honeybee, Tommy Richman, Bert Knox, and more, the album contains infectious, warm sonics and refreshing songwriting that feels engagingly progressive.

Opener “Dyson” sets the tone for the album with balmy, upbeat production that creates an energizing foundation for KADOLEAF’s addictive melodies. Title track “Popmonster”, featuring Honeybee, makes for a stylish and highly re-playable listen, infusing pop with dance music and alternative R&B for a vibrant offering that is difficult to pin down. “Berlin” slows down the pace for a wistful cut that showcases his versatility as a songwriting, with punchy, airy percussion and nostalgic guitars underscoring his atmospheric vocals. A highlight appears in “Number9remix”, featuring Tommy Richman and Bert Knox, which finds the vocalists sharing organic chemistry as they effortlessly go back and forth atop grooving, summery production. Popmonstre (Night Deluxe) closes with the nocturnal “Overdone”, which conjures the mood of a sunset after a long day, making for a dynamic and potent ending.

The latest from DMV artist KADOLEAF, Popmonstre (Night Deluxe) makes for a genre-bending, refreshing offering that keeps the listener on their toes throughout with versatile, energizing sounds.

Listen now:

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