Ari James shares infectious new single “Enjoy the Ride”, featuring Kapok and Sophia Danai

Ari James has shared a new single called “Enjoy the Ride”, in collaboration with Kapok and Sophia Danai. The single showcases his genre-bending sound and sharp songwriting skills, containing rich, infectious melodies and glowing instrumentation. The song finds him sharing a natural chemistry with Kapok and Danai as well, as they trade vocals seamlessly, contrasting each other’s styles while complementing them at the same time.

The instrumentation on “Enjoy the Ride” is laid-back and smooth, containing warm, nostalgic guitars drifting atop an organic-sounding rhythm section. The beat builds dynamically as evocative backing vocals and subtle keys are added to give the track a layered feel. Moreover, the chorus on “Enjoy the Ride” is highly infectious, lingering in the listener’s head long after listening.

James says of the song, “a little less than a year ago I found myself invited to an artist retreat at Headspace Recording Studios, I was paired up with Kapok and Sophia Danai and when I initially showed them this song as an instrumental, we all immediately began to write about the same topic: the inner reflection of all that you have gone through, and its necessity to have gotten you where you are today. We wrote and recorded the entire song in 3hrs, and it’s my most important and impactful song yet.”

The latest from Ari James, “Enjoy the Ride” showcases his skills as a songwriter, and finds him blending influences from an eclectic mixture of genres in an engaging fashion.

Listen to “Enjoy the Ride” now:

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