Jahn Dough shares new release ‘The Garden Project’

By Damilola Grey

Jahn Dough has finally dropped the highly anticipated release The Garden Project. The 13 track tape features LaVoyce, Dizzy Wright, Helen Hailu, Unc Jr, Honey Daii, and Syo, as well as others. It also boasts of production from Donny Domino, Boy Jugo, Stillwater Max and more.

The project has a track for every vibe like a personal favorite of mine “Tuff Luv” where Jahn talks about his feelings and obsession for a woman, to “Gratitude” where him and $Tone, as the title implies, show their gratitude for everything from loyalty to peace to rainbows and more. Jahn didn’t disappoint with this project as his flow, amazing delivery and top tier production made this an album to remember. The featured artists also brought their A-game to this project.

When I asked the Dallas native what the project meant to him, he said “to me, this project means growth. Allowing oneself to grow and nurture the things we really want in life. I hope everyone walks away knowing anything they want in life, whether its peace, financial stability, fitness, or whatever it may be can be attained but it starts from within. You have to plant those seeds, nurture the soil and water your soul”. The Garden Project is Jahn planting the seeds of greatness, and we can’t wait to see what else he has on the way.

Stream The Garden Project:

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