Francesca Wexler shares infectious single “Bronzefish”

Mississauga, Canada-based artist Francesca Wexler has shared a new single called “Bronzefish”. Following up her moody and expansive offerings “Cherry Fields Forever” and “Princess Diana”, “Bronzefish” once again finds her presenting sharp songwriting atop rich, mercurial production.

Containing elegant reversed keys drifting atop infectious, crisp percussion and rumbling 808s, the instrumental on “Bronzefish” is infectious and sleek. Wexler matches the beat’s energy with equally stylish and confident verses that demonstrate her focused command of the microphone. Here, her lyrics are thought-provoking and her delivery poignant, making for a gripping listen overall.

The latest from the prolific Mississauga, Canada-based artist, “Bronzefish” has us excited to hear what she has coming next, as she continues to expand her sound with each release.

Listen now:

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