Memoir. shares new 2-track offering “Poised II/ Hold Grudges.”

New York native Memoir. has returned with his 2nd offering of the year, just in time for warm weather on the east coast. The 2-track offering “Poised. // Hold Grudges.” comes as a dose of redemption and resilience overtop drill beats, with Memoir. adding “Poised II is the sequel to the ongoing “Poised” series where I display my passion, resilience, and willingness to overcome life’s trials and tribulations. For the song “Hold Grudges.” Memoir. mentions “It’s a reminder to not only myself but to others listening that whenever you are elevating, striving for your goals, people are waiting for your downfall. People who knew you before your perceived success will Hold Grudges.”

The first half “Poised II” creates an energizing soundscape with a sample drill beat that fuses vivid samples with pumping 808s and crisp drums. Atop the sturdy instrumentation, Memoir. weaves fluid, charismatic rhymes in dynamic patterns, adding extra vitality to the track. The second song “Hold Grudges” follows with a cloudy, ethereal instrumental containing subtle keys, driving percussion and sliding 808s. Here, he delivers powerful vocals that captivate with hearfelt, descriptive lyricism.

The latest from New York’s Memoir, “Poised II/ Hold Grudges” makes for a refreshing, infectious sample drill offering.

Listen now:

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