Charles Curtis-Beard shares new single “good girls bad girls”

By Christian Peeney

Oh my! Rapper and TikTok influencer Charlie Curtis-Beard returns with a new single “good girls bad girls”.

The idea likely comes from the song’s opening sample, in which a random TikToker proclaims that “men do not want slutty women”. CCB then goes on to rap about appreciating all kinds of girls: good or bad, “clean or dirty”, girls who “fuck for work” or girls who “wanna twerk”. It’s a funny song that shows off CCB’s clever lyricism and competent rapping abilities.

His voice reminds me of early Childish Gambino: higher in pitch and somewhat “nerdy”. It’s endearing, and it helps his message of inclusivity of all women seem more genuine and refreshing. It also makes the song more engaging; it’s a voice you want to listen to.

Towards the end, CCB’s rapping turns to singing for a catchy bridge section that eventually explodes into an overlay of different voices over the original beat. It effectively shows that Charlie isn’t just a rapper, but also a singer. The song is short, catchy, and digestible: perfect for a TikTok age of music.

Listen to “good girls bad girls” now:

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