YaLLa the Melodica shares vibrant single “Are You The One?”

Rising Los Angeles singer YaLLa the Melodica has shared a new single called “Are You The One?” This fresh track showcases sharply-crafted, infectious instrumentation and evocative songwriting that pairs retro influences from 80’s pop with refreshingly modern stylings. “Are You The One?” opens with warm, vivid guitars and airy synths, before bouncy drums and electrifying synth bass are brought in to give the song a memorable groove. As Melodica’s vocals float smoothly atop the instrumentation, the listener is drawn into the song’s vibrant, balmy soundscape. Capping the track off with a catchy, atmospheric chorus, “Are You The One?” provides replay value with its graceful sonics.

An apt soundtrack for warm nights as we move towards summer, “Are You The One?” is an infectious, character-rich offering that finds YaLLa the Melodica delivering an evocative and engaging performance. Considering this is only her second release on streaming platforms, “Are You The One?” feels poised and showcases the kind of focus in her songwriting a veteran might possess.

Listen to “Are You The One?” now:

Connect with YaLLa the Melodica: Instagram | Twitter

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