Geller shares dreamlike single “Boring Life”

Rising Los Angeles artist, film composer, and producer Geller has shared a new single called “Boring Life”. Following a series of expansive offerings including “Time Slip” and “Waiting on You”, this track captures a dream-like, atmospheric ambiance through its usage of elegant key progressions and sweeping vocals. Containing imagery-rich, memorable lyricism touching on the unpredictability of life and the importance of self-acceptance, “Boring Life” is relatable in subject matter despite its abstract sound. Combining vivid psychedelic elements with down-to-earth content in a refreshing manner, this track showcases Geller’s sharp capability for conceptual songwriting. The latest from the California artist, “Boring Life” will appear on his upcoming EP Going Nowhere Fast, set to release in July 2022. As he continues to broaden his skills in multiple disciplines such as composition, songwriting, and production, we can’t help but feel excited to witness his journey unfold.

Listen to “Boring Life” now:

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