TacOo returns with new single “Pink Thing”

By Damilola Grey

TacOo has finally dropped his long awaited single, “Pink Thing”. The 4-minute track boasts of features from fellow Rap Villain artists, Heem Da Dream and Bobcat. Bobcat starts off the track with a verse nothing short of perfect: crazy wordplay, hard-hitting bars and an amazing flow (something Bobcat continues to refine on each release).

Heem Da Dream follows up with his own verse and doesn’t let up either. If this is a sneak peek of what we’re getting on Heem’s upcoming tape, then we have an album of the year contender already.

Then, TacOo closes the track with what I consider his greatest verse to date. From the delivery to the bars to the wordplay to the flow- everything was PERFECT. He talks about friends switching up, Alley Rocket’s support, and also his hometown. When I asked the New Jersey native what “Pink Thing” meant to him, he said “To me, pink thing is what we call male dog penis. A lot of these girls call me and my brothers’ dogs so I just accepted it. If I’m a dog, then imma be dogging these hoes with my pink thing out”. Tac0o started the month off right with “Pink Thing” and we can’t wait for the other bangers he has in store for us.

Listen to “Pink Thing” now:

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