Why is Las Guapo not just another rapper?

By Avinash Singh

Melodically gifted people have the chance to engage on a journey that will allow them to share their talents and bring others together, but not everyone sees it this way.

In the pursuit of monetary and transient pleasures, some individuals and organizations pursue egocentric ambitions. Las Guapo, rather, started his career in music with a single goal in mind: to write songs with much imagination and to establish his own trends.

We can’t forget about all of the projects he’s worked on that have garnered great responses from his fans, when we talk about this incredible artist.

 It all started in 2017 when he was pushing carts at Sam’s Club. He went on social media and noticed musicians like “Lil Pump,” who had already become well-known in the business. This instilled in Las Guapo a sense of self-assurance, like if this artist could accomplish it, why can’t he? He was convinced that he could make songs 10 times better than Lil Pump.

During a recent chat with him, we asked him to reveal the creative process that helped him become the celebrity he is today. He stated that nothing is planned ahead of time, from the words to the rhythms. Everything happens in the head, and he goes with the flow, trusting his intuition.

This makes him Stand out from all the other artists.

Giving an insight into his creative process he quotes, “I really just go into the booth and talk about what’s on my mind or what I’m going through at the moment. Nothing is written, everything just off the top of my head!’

He mostly focuses on making his artistry unique so that he stands out in the industry and is known worldwide.

Listen now to Las Guapo by Clicking the link below:

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