Ben Blanks, Johan Lenox, & Isaac Zale connect for “Dracula”

By Jacob Ezra

Ben Blanks has connected with Massachusetts musician Johan Lenox and Vancouver, Canada’s Isaac Zale for a new single titled “Dracula”. A prime example of what Blanks accurately describes as his “class-conscious” sound, this single contains poignant subject material critiquing societal structure, alongside pensive, infectious instrumentation. Featuring creeping synths and crunchy percussion underscored by rich synth bass, the production here is layered and addictive. Moreover, “Dracula” contains sharply-crafted melodies and a memorable hook that gives the song extra replay value. The latest from Blanks, Lenox, and Zale, this single provides a captivating sound that feels engaging and rebellious.

Listen to “Dracula” now:

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