Nick Rose shines on “NO MORE FAVORS”

By Jacob Ezra

“NO MORE FAVORS”, a cut from Connecticut artist Nick Rose‘s eclectic new project VERY COOL! Vol. 2, is an evocative, surreal 2-part track that caught our attention immediately. Opening with rich, warm horns that ring out alongside subtle vocal samples, “NO MORE FAVORS” opens in a grand fashion before dropping into a heavy, head-nodding groove. Here, raw drums underscore Rose’s urgent, powerful vocal performance, as he weaves emotive, personal anecdotes atop the textural production. Capping the first part of the track off with a melodic hook, Rose flexes his muscle as both a rapper and singer.

An engaging beat switch introduces wistful, glowing vocal samples swirling atop memorable bass and energizing drums. Here, Rose’s flow reaches an electrifying level of energy, as he delivers dynamic rhyme patterns at a head-spinning pace. With richly vivid lyricism peppered throughout, Rose’s verses here are captivating and raw.

If you enjoyed “NO MORE FAVORS”, go ahead and give the rest of Rose’s recent record VERY COOL! Vol. 2 a listen as well.

Listen to “NO MORE FAVORS”:

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