Bert Knox, KADOLEAF, tookhozy & donnie killjoy connect for “GOLIATH”

Brooklyn rapper Bert Knox, Virginia artists KADOLEAF and donnie killjoy and New York producer tookhozy have connected for a new genre-bending single called “GOLIATH”. Here, a hazy, expansive instrumental provides dense layers of sound and sets a solid foundation for the vocalist’s versatile performances. The vocals combine a variety of genres into a refreshing, dynamic blend, drawing influence from R&B, hip-hop, punk, and more. Underscored by rich reversed keys and crisp, snapping percussion, this song is infectious and moody. The latest from Bert Knox, KADOLEAF, tookhozy, and donnie killjoy, “GOLIATH” makes for an immersive, textural listen.

Listen to “GOLIATH” here:

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