LNG shares refreshing visual for “Attached to Me”

Melbourne, Australia artist LNG has shared a refreshing new visual for his song “Attached to Me”, directed & edited by Cameron Serpell. The rising pop and R&B artist’s debut single first caught our attention for its vibrant, flavorful sound, and the new accompanying visual does well to enhance the track’s vividness even more. “Attached to Me” is an infectious offering that fuses pop and R&B together in a seamless fashion, finding LNG displaying a keen ear for melodies and a penchant for relatable lyricism. The new visual for this track is engaging and colorful, with fast-paced cuts and warm tones that produce an exciting, immersive effect. Moreover, LNG’s delivers an engaging performance in the video, as he recites his vocals in a confident yet laid-back manner.

Watch the video for “Attached to Me” here:

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