Goody shines on refreshing self-titled EP

Chicago artist Goody‘s self-titled EP is a refreshing offering that provides an atmospheric, infectious sound that sets itself apart from many of today’s common trends. The 3-song set kicks off with the glowing, reflective “Honest (Too Much)”, which finds soaring guitars, heavy 808s, and crisp drums providing a powerful backdrop for Goody’s thoughtful, sharply-crafted verses. Grand and sweeping, this song’s nocturnal sonics shimmer as his laid-back flow floats overtop. Next, warm, grooving guitars and graceful vocal samples enter to introduce “Denim”, an energizing, bouncy track that ups the pace slightly with an exciting rhythm. Goody’s verses here are smooth and controlled, as he delivers descriptive, vivid lines. Closer “Slow Jams” finishes the project on an uplifting, elegant note with dreamlike strings, airy vocal samples, and addictive drums. Here, Goody tackles the instrumental with ease as he weaves lines together confidently, showcasing some of his slickest bars on the project. A strong, focused project overall from Chicago’s Goody, this EP is concise and vivid, showing promise in its songwriting and production choices.

Listen to ‘Goody’ now:

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