Benrezzy’s “Stimmy” is an addictive listen

By Avinash Singh

What is the one thing that you want when you are bored, or not in the mood to do anything? The answer is: music. Music has helped us a lot to live our life at our best despite the hurdles thrown at us by the world.

Today our findings include the song “Stimmy” by Benrezzy. He has just entered the musical world with an ambition of making the finest of musical projects along with the motto of connecting with the listeners. 

Stimmy is a song with a piano tune at the start with the bass and drums going in sync making it a catchy tune. The lyricism discusses the lavish life Benrezzy wants to live. And it also includes the aspirations that a common individual wants to experience once in a lifetime.

When we asked the artist Benrezzy what was the idea behind creating this song. He replied that “Stimmy” is a song everyone can relate to as much as possible. Besides, Connection is the topmost priority for Benrezzy.

“Stimmy” was already dropped last year and it should be listened to by our audience and added to one’s playlist.

We are excited to encounter the future works that he has in store for us.

Stream “Stimmy” on Spotify

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