Lazarous and Stvrk shine on “Don’t Look Back”

Vancouver rapper Lazarous and producer Stvrk‘s new track “Don’t Look Back” is an electrifying banger, providing infectious production and powerful vocals that hook the listener in from the get-go. A song from their new collaborative project Vita Nova, “Don’t Look Back” is a two-part track that begins with a heavy, bracing beat from Stvrk that is a true sonic tour-de-force, containing bright synths and grand, charismatic guitars floating atop driving 808s and crisp percussion. Lazarous enters the song ferociously, attacking the beat with descriptive lyricism, and raw, intense flows suitable to the rugged production. Then, the artists offer a pleasant surprise with a beat switch into more laid-back, airy section that finds Lazarous delivering introspective lyricism across heartfelt verses. Here, he is underscored by uplifting, layered instrumentation from Stvrk that enhances the track’s bittersweet atmosphere. The latest from Vancouver artists Lazarous and Stvrk, “Don’t Look Back” is a powerful offering that is both exciting and reflective.

Listen to “Don’t Look Back” now:

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