Yngboyewy shares new single “<3"

By Griffen Elliot

Yngboyewy is one of those new artists that excite me. His discography only began in 2020, but Ewy has already proven to be a prolific songwriter- and a good one at that. Throughout his tracks there seems to be a fluid blend of different genres like indie, pop, and hip hop, and his latest release “<3” is no different. The track opens with an acoustic guitar strumming behind a synth melody while Yngboyewy vamps hip hop-like vocal stabs, even including a producer tag before the beat drop- all of which has been ingrained in you to make you believe you’re about to hear rapping. So, it’s a real fake-out when it launches into the main more indie-centered theme of the song. This fake-out however, does not diminish the quality and flow of the song as a whole and adds replay value, in my opinion. Yngboyewy is a hidden gem.

Listen to “<3” now:

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