An Interview with SS Jay

By Abakam Michael

Michael: What was your first introduction to music?

SS Jay: My first introduction? Man, I don’t know for real lol. Earliest memories is of mom playing Teena Maria. She would make me sit down my brother and throw a concert in the living room. She couldn’t sing for shit but the joy and determination on her face made me sit there and enjoy every word she “horribly” sang out. Lol.

Michael: What inspired you to start making music?

SS Jay: J Coles “Friday Night Lights” and Early Drake. A lot of other artists have reignited my passion throughout the year but those boys are TIMELESS. I just wanna create something like that.

Michael: How would you describe your sound?

SS Jay: To be honest? I don’t know, never thought about it. If I had to describe I would just say it’s Jay. When you hear you hear all my vulnerabilities, my fears, my vices. Different songs fit into different categories where one is hard hitting and fast the next introspective and thought provoking. But it all comes down to it being me and my different sides.

Michael: What’s your creative process like?

SS Jay: Low lights, beat catalogues, and the notes app on my phones.

Michael: You plan on dropping anytime soon?

SS Jay: I dropped my latest “Life can wait” last month and I’m loving the response. I’m working now on a project and more stuff to release soon.

Michael: What does “Life can Wait” mean to you?

SS Jay: To me it’s just a pause for real. Fuck the stress, the hardship, and the disappointments that comes with life. It’s like a timeout, a moment to catch your breath and gather yourself.

Michael: Can you tell us more about this project you’re working on?

SS Jay: I wanna drop a video and a little EP. My video ideas are out of this world and I have to find the right person to help me execute it or I’ll never get it done lol. I need my first video and
everyone after that to be something different and something special.

Michael: What you hoping to achieve at the end of the year?

SS Jay: I just want my music heard and to be able to do this full time. I’m only giving myself a year and a half to pursue this so I’m all in.

Michael: What would you label your career highs?

SS Jay: Right now lol I won a song writing contest for 500 and I just surpassed 25k plays on Spotify. That alone is a huge victory for me. I’m just hoping I can hit 100k and then on and on.

Michael: How do you cope with the feeling of being under appreciated as an artist?

SS Jay: It makes me mad low key but even more hungry to prove myself. I know if given the right resources I could make shit SHAKE.

Listen to “Life Can Wait” by SS Jay HERE.

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