Terrence Léon shares smooth new track “I Want You”

Austin, Texas artist Terrence Léon has come through with a refreshing new release called “I Want You”. After releasing engaging singles like “24 Hours”, as well as the sharp, poised EP, New Horizons, Léon has carved out a style that blends the relaxed, nostalgic aesthetic of 90’s R&B and the edginess of early 2000’s R&B. Léon’s latest single “I Want You” is an infectious, warm offering that captivates with soaring melodies and atmospheric, immersive instrumentation. Featuring airy vocal samples and smooth, refreshing keys gliding atop catchy, crisp percussion, “I Want You” is a memorable offering that provides heavy replay value.With its glowing sound and passionate vocals, “I Want You” provides a fresh soundtrack to warm nights.

Listen to “I Want You” now:

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