Otto share intriguing single “When I Really Saw You”

By Jacob Ezra

Indie pop band Otto have shared a new single titled “When I Really Saw You”. The Detroit group introduced their captivating 80’s-influenced sound over two early singles, “If You Know”, and “Good Fight”, and they return in top form with their third single as an outfit. On this offering, bittersweet guitars are introduced first, building an addictive riff that merges smoothly with airy synths, as brisk percussion drops in beneath. Combining a fun-loving feeling with a subtle ruminative, brooding mood, the instrumentation here balances both light and dark to create an intriguing soundscape. Moreover, the vocals on “When I Really Saw You” add to the song’s emotionally layered nature, as topically they touch on the nostalgia of feeling that while you may have a connection with someone, you know you’re better off apart. An immersive, contemplative song, “When I Really Saw You” is poignant in content and mercurial in sound, making for an offering worthy of many re-visits.

Listen to “When I Really Saw You”:

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