Nevmore & Clbrks share laid-back single “Something For the Car”

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire rapper Nevmore has come through with a fresh new single called “Something For the Car”, featuring Clbrks. A laid-back, warm track featuring charismatic verses from the two rappers, as well as a glowing instrumental from Thugsbunny that evokes the image of a late-night cruise on a summer night, “Something For the Car” is an aptly titled cut with much replay value. The instrumental here feels stripped back and yet simultaneously layered and textured, with smooth, grand guitars ringing out atop watery keys and relaxed percussion. Moreover, Nevmore and Clbrks share a natural chemistry as they trade off imagery-rich verses that keep the listener pressed to the speakers to catch each line.

Listen to “Something For the Car” now:

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