Cashus King shares eclectic new EP ‘Cashus Kingdom’

Los Angeles artist Cashus King has returned with an eclectic new EP called Cashus Kingdom. The underground veteran, who is a long-time affiliate of the great Dirty Science crew, alongside Blu, Exile, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, and more, provides a refreshing offering on this EP that captures his ear for intriguing sonics, as well as his deft poetic lyricism. Bringing personal verses that draw one into the project’s idiosyncratic sound, King is admirably unafraid to explore new territory on Cashus Kingdom, making him a revitalizing voice in the underground hip-hop landscape.

EP opener “Circadian Rhythm” introduces the project’s psychedelic ambiance, immersing the listener in its otherworldly sound. With winding, dark keys and soft, creeping drums, the beat creates a thought-provoking, nocturnal soundscape that underscores King’s intricate, ruminative lyrics gracefully. His personal lyricism brings relatability to the project, as he delves into his inner thoughts within vivid, poetic verses. Following this song up is “Rivers of Babylon”, a textural, kaleidoscopic track containing an organic-sounding beat containing layered sounds such as droning, ominous sonics, and clunky, clattering percussion. Showcasing the diversity of Cashus Kingdom, “Rivers of Babylon” meshes smoothly with the other tracks while still standing out with its spacey, industrial-tinged sound.

Project highlight “SKUNK!!” appears next, bringing in raw, glowing horns that ring out atop dusty, infectious drums to create a grand mood. Here, King provides some verbose, dynamic verses that keep the listener on their toes throughout, with an exciting delivery that is executed effortlessly over the charismatic instrumental. Another highlight appears in “Kingdom Come”, a nocturnal sounding song with raw, immersive instrumentation that conjures a dark, dream-like atmosphere. Metallic, rumbling guitars play out over gritty drums and rich bass, as King delivers evocative lines rapidly, providing intensely detailed imagery. To close off the project, he comes through with the darkly beautiful “Freudian Theory”, a song that mixes airy, celestial keys with angelic, watery vocal samples to create a truly unique atmosphere. Here, King delivers some of his most vivid lyricism on the entire project, coming through with some deeply layered metaphors that plunge the listener into the song’s visceral depth.

A refreshing, thought-provoking project overall from Cashus King, Cashus Kingdom provides an array of sounds and lyrical motifs that are both otherworldly and relatable. An eclectic offering from the underground veteran that shows his willingness to break down sonic boundaries, this EP is consistently diverse yet simultaneously cohesive, creating a colorful landscape that keeps the listener on their toes at each turn.

Listen to Cashus Kingdom now:

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