Reo Cragun shares atmospheric new single “Just My Luck”

By Jacob Ezra

Reo Cragun has shared an atmospheric new single titled “Just My Luck”, produced by Subb Beats, Johan Lenox, and clear eyes. The genre-fusing Cragun, who is a rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter, has consistently released eclectic music that draws influence from every corner of the musical landscape. His latest single, “Just My Luck”, is an introspective, self-aware cut that finds him crooning smoothly overtop of a shimmering, surreal instrumental. Containing cloudy synths underscored by addictive, pillowy 808s, the beat on this cut is immersive, drawing the listener deeply into the song’s airy soundscape. This instrumental pairs naturally with Cragun’s laid-back, sharply-crafted vocals, making for a vivid, infectious listening experience.

Listen to “Just My Luck” here:

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