Joe James shares new project ‘Pure Connery’

By Jacob Ezra

London rapper Joe James has shared a new EP called Pure Connery. A warm, reflective set of songs containing elegant production and introspective lyricism, Pure Connery‘s laid-back, somewhat surreal sound is captivating. The expansive opener “Bit Of Taste” sets the tone of the project nicely, introducing balmy, wistful strings that set a strong foundation for James’ easygoing yet confident delivery. This song segues into “A Painting”, a project highlight that pairs smoky horns with organic sounding, textured percussion to create a hypnotizing, nocturnal soundscape. Another EP highlight appears in “London Tipton”, a regal track containing sturdy, raw production and dexterous flows from James. A strong project overall, Pure Connery showcases the London artist’s sharp ear for memorable production and his admirable willingness to be personal.

Listen to Pure Connery now:

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