Argota shares new single “HTTA”

By Damilola Grey

Argota has dropped his first single of the year titled “HTTA” (Harder to Talk About). The 3-minute track talks about the difficulty someone faces when dealing with their family’s toxic habits while seeing those habits damage their quality of life. The person is apparently a victim of love, and burdens of the heart, and is out of touch with reality. He has no other option than to drown out, because he’s been locked in the prison of his mind and has no escape. He has found it hard to talk about the way he has been living stuck in old habits. The production, as well as Argota’s heavenly vocals immerse listeners in a trance-like state where they get to experience the picture Argota was trying to paint with the track. When I asked Argota what “HTTA” meant to him, he told me that “HTTA” is his personal pep talk when he catches himself carrying unnecessary weight due to being an emotional person. As he put simply, “it means letting go and focusing on yourself”. “HTTA” is honestly an amazing, introspective track. Make sure to give it a listen here:

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